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The Best Dating Websites on the Internet

It used to be that in order to out on a date with someone you had to walk up to your potential significant other, start a chat with him or her, ask questions specific to their day, and ultimately, ask them out on a date. But today, things have changed quite a bit in the realm of dating, these days, we meet each other not through personal contacts but, you guessed it, online dating sites.

Going out on blind dates hasn’t been any more popular then it is now during the age of online dating, there are a striking amount of websites online that offer online dating services, connection to profiles, personality comparison searches, etc. etc. for those of you who want to get in on this new way of dating, get connected fast and easily to the man or woman of your dreams through these reputable online dating services and see what you can get out of it, you never know you may find your soul mate.

1. eHarmoney– eHarmoney is widely consider one of the most popular of dating websites, being advertised the most and having millions of users all over the country. But what really makes this site great is their brilliant compatibility system that allows you to search for those specific people that fit your personality quirks. This site is number one in online dating and has been responsible for numerous marriages and on-going relationships. You can find your match in your area almost instantly with eHarmoney.
2. FriendFinder- As where many other dating websites are of a blind dating nature, friendfinder is the exact opposite with profiles that include abundant pictures to show all singles in the area exactly what they look like. It doesn’t take long to register to the site and get started and it will cost you nothing to host a profile with their services, you’ll be finding that next date in no time flat with friendfinder.
3. Perfectmatch- Much like eHarmoney, this website lets you build a compatibility profile and seek dozens of singles in your area in the age range you most prefer. Perfect Match has created many successful relationships that have lasted for years after comparing profiles. Perhaps you will be the next success story.
4. Chemistry- A relatively new online dating site, this site makes you take a top of the lines personality test that gives you the chance to narrow your search down to singles that scored similar to you; these shared scorers will be the closest match to your own personality traits. There are thousands of members online who are very diverse in nature and will share the same passion as you when going out on that long awaited date.
5. DatingDirect- With over a few million members this site is widely considered one of the biggest online dating sites in the world. But as opposed to what other sites offer this site actually special party-meet-ups in specific cities and locations all around the country, so instead of having no idea what to expect through textual communication you can meet and mingle with these singles in person, away from your keyboard. Add that along with your compatibility profiles and you are well on your way to meeting that “someone of your dreams”.
6. Cougar Women- Maybe you want to try something a little different. If you are a younger man seeking a more mature, but very outgoing woman, then you’ve found what you’re looking for with with dozens and dozens of members that may be much older then you but still know how to have a good time. It the extremely expansive cougar world this site is just one more added to a plethora of cougar websites, it really is a cougar’s world!
7. Match America– As you may have guessed this site will match you with your significant other, relegated only to the United States, and allows you to find your match efficiently and easily. The only drawback is a slightly hefty registration process but beyond that you will not be disappointed in the profile you find in America.
8. dreammates– Is a dating site that lets you choose the specifies on any date you set up. Perhaps you want to start an everlasting relationship? Maybe you’re just trying it out with dating to see how things go? Or maybe you’re in it for those one night stands? Whatever your reasons may be you can act upon them with The site is easy to navigate and has very fast loads times; it’s definitely worth a look.
9. ChristianCafé– For any Christians in the area this website is for you! With the websites free trial you can quickly find other Christians in your local jurisdiction in a safe and clean manor. If you find the website to be too much you can cancel your trial before you are offered full member status but if you want to learn more about those who believe in the beyond and more, ChristianCafé is the place for you.
10. Atheist Passions– For those who consider themselves free thinkers you will not be left out of the mix. As with Atheist Passions you can find singles in your area that define themselves as Atheist or Agnostic and you can connect to them through the website’s social networking features to find all the singles that share your free thinking spirit! Chat with Atheists in your local area and post in the message boards, you will not be disappointed!

These are the just some of the best dating sites around the net fitting whatever personality traits you may have. Whatever you may be into you will find with these ten great websites, all it takes is a few clicks and you’ll be in the grasps of your soul mate as quick as can be.