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One of the many areas of frustration for most dating sites are the entire dummy, abandoned, or incomplete profiles you have to wade through to get to the actual people looking for a relationship. While most sites try to avoid these problems by deleting accounts or refining search processes, Spark has gone a step farther. Within 72 hours of signing up you must post a picture to your profile and finish the basic evaluation. This ensures that you take the time and effort to create a good profile, which means that there will be better profiles on the whole.

What Should You Expect?
Spark also requires that members take a color personality test, which classifies your personality in terms of color, as well as personalities you with which you will be a good match. Because everyone has to take this test, you can quickly and easily see who has a high degree of compatibility with your personality.

Furthermore, Spark allows free members to utilize their e-mail service if they are contacting paying members. As long as both parties are not free users, they can communicate. This is a feature that separates it from major industry players like eHarmony and

Another unique feature is that Spark lets you know who is looking at your profile. This can be a real confidence boost as you know that your profile is not gathering dust. You can also see what kind of people are interested in you and check their profiles out as well.

On the downside, Spark does not have the member pool that other top dating sites have. It is still a relatively new company and they are still gathering an established member pool. So the community is not as strong here as in other places. The interface, while looking sleek and modern, also has too many images and icons. It also features an inordinate number of advertisements. Also, because the message boards are only available to free members, Spark has forgone to the opportunity to have a very lively community through that medium.

Overall Spark is a solid dating website. It has a sleek look and tries to correct the errors other dating sites make. To this end it does a very good job. While it does not have all of the flashy features that the main players have, it does what it wants to do well. It is a lean, efficient dating service that offers a lot of perks to even free members.