Follow Us Review is a great dating site but one drawback you will notice right away when visiting the site is that you cannot access any of the site without paying. Unlike most dating websites, has no real free membership. You can create a basic profile and look around the site a bit, but without paying anything you can’t really search through profiles or communicate with other members.  Once your a paying member and you get into the website, you will notice that the layout is quite attractive, with all sorts of interesting features calling for your attention. There are numerous magazines, newsletters, and columns at your disposal on top of all the other standard features. If you don’t like the site is good about refunding your membership fee.

What To Expect
What does have, however, is a wide range of unique features that set it apart from other dating websites. MatchWords allows you to pick the keywords to which your profile is associated. You will even receive a list of the most popular MatchWords available to get you started. Platinum gives you access to a professional matchmaker to weed out unwanted people and only connect you with those who are most compatible with you.

MindFindBind is a program that works in conjunction with Dr. Phil. It is a monthly program that helps you get in the right mindset for dating, how to find someone perfect for you, and how to keep a lasting relationship that works.

On top of these special features, has all of the normal features of a top dating website (excluding instant messaging and chat rooms). So you will have access to profile searches, a number of resources for finding the right person, a good user interface, and all of the profile norms you would expect from a website like this.

Unfortunately, is not very good at giving out its pricing structure, which can be very annoying, particularly since these kinds of websites usually set you up to automatically pay every month until you opt-out. Currently the monthly rate is $30, with extra costs for some of the special features like MindFindBind. This rate is in line with similar dating sites, and with some of the unique features available at, it can be worth the money. is one of the most successful dating websites on the market, and it is clear to see why. A good interface with unique features not found anywhere else give it an air of freshness. And the statistics are impressive. is certainly worth a look for those looking for a relationship.