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Most adult-oriented sites simply look at the physical to match people knows that having an emotional and sexual connection is important. So you are treated to a number of questionnaires that help match you to the ideal partner. The site offers both free and paid memberships, with the former limiting the number of profiles you can view, and limiting your access to other features of the site. has all of the core bells and whistles you would expect from a top dating website, including audio/video messaging, on-site e-mail, and virtual flirting. Users can find who is most sexually or emotionally compatible by matching quiz answer results on the various quizzes the site provides.

What To Expect differentiates itself from other dating sites because it is a serious-minded adult hook-up site that allows users to actually find someone who is compatible with them. A number of quizzes ensure that you find your right match when looking for a special evening out. It also carries itself with more dignity than other top hook-up sites, having a flashier interface and more mature website design.

With a paid membership you get access to all the features available on the site. Memberships cost a little less than $30 per month, but you get access to features such as: Unlimited messaging and profile viewing, e-mail support, live chat support, access to all profile content, and virtual flirts. With all of these features, lives up to its mission of being one of the best dating websites for adults looking for casual encounters. The quizzes and personality matches set it apart from other hook-up websites and its focus on adult themes set it apart from the other big players in the industry.