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Christian Mingle is a very sleek, attractive website that tries to match Christians together for a lifetime of happiness. It has all of the standard features that you would expect in a dating website, such as profiles, chat rooms, message boards, photo galleries, and e-mail. The interface is very user friendly, as the site keeps a cleaner look than most dating websites.

The site is designed specifically for Christians, and it shows. Faith influences nearly every aspect of the site. To join, you must fill out basic profile information that is standard on most dating websites. Questions about religion, however, are a mandatory part of this profile. You will be asked about your denomination, religious practices, and seriousness in your faith.

Once you complete the basic profile, there are a number of other questionnaires to expand your profile. These include a “fun facts” section that asks about your taste in movies, books, music, food, and activities. You can also highlight your match preferences by giving the criteria of what you would consider to be a perfect match. Finally, you can make your profile more personal with “Introduction and Essays”, which allows you to write about experiences like your first date, past relationships, and specifics of your own personal faith.

What To Expect
Christian Mingle also has some unique features, like the Color Code Personality Profile, which assesses your personality and how important personality is to your relationships. The Readiness IQ report tests your readiness to be in a serious relationship by asking questions about your communication abilities, conflict resolution, and life management skills. This is designed to make you focus on your own ability to conduct a solid relationship, so you do not just focus on the qualities of other people.

Finally, the COMPASS matching system is a solid compatibility profile test that matches you to other singles on the site. You will receive a weekly best match and you will be able to search for others who have taken the test.

Unfortunately, a free membership does not give you very much access to the site. You can create a profile and browse other profiles, but you cannot communicate in any way until you purchase a membership. On the plus side, the membership rates are lower than your average dating site.

What makes Christian Mingle stand out, however, is the quality of its community. The message board is teeming with people discussing all sorts of topics, and there is a strong bond of faith between all the members.

If you are a Christian looking for a dating website that is specific to your faith, Christian Mingle is the most successful one. A great community combined with solid features and a clean interface make it worth checking out.