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Chemistry is only available to people in the United States, and those who join can take a free personality profile test that informs them of their own personality and which personalities are most compatible with theirs. The test only takes 10-15 minutes and is a simple multiple-choice affair. Anyone can sign up and take the test, and afterwards up to five free matches are sent to their account. But, one of the parties needs to have a monthly membership before any messages can be sent. Alternatively, both members can wait for a free communication weekend, which happen periodically.

If you buy a paid membership, you get access to Chemistry’s e-mail system, as well as the “Guided Communication Process”, which allows you to screen matches and provide feedback to further enhance the website’s personality software. If you are not happy with the matches you have been provided, you can tell the website this valued feedback and alter your profile to generate new selections.

The scientific premise behind Chemistry is that there are a number of different potential matches for you throughout your lifetime. Dr. Helen Fisher, the scientific advisor for Chemistry and creator of the matchmaking system, says that while there are a number of different personalities that fit, it takes that and good compatibility (someone with similar values and beliefs) to get things started.

This system could take a long time for you to get it honed in correctly, but if you take the time and effort the rewards can be great. At the very least you can take the test and see how the system matches you up with others. Once you start fiddling with your profile you can find better and better results.

What To Expect

For those looking for an alternate compatibility experience from eHarmony, is the dating site for you. A different philosophy to matchmaking changes the dynamics a bit. And if you are looking for a non-heterosexual relationship, this is the service for you. The price of Chemistry is a bit higher than average for a top dating site, although you can get steep discounts on a monthly rate if you purchase many months at a time. If you only want one month, however, it costs $40. Like most dating sites, your membership automatically renews if you do not contact Chemistry first, so make sure you keep track of your payments. is an attractive dating website that offers a good compatibility service, particularly for those who cannot work within eHarmony’s restrictions. An attractive website and innovative features make it a great option for those who are looking for a little bit of guidance, even if the price is higher than average.