Follow Us Review is a live webcam model service that allows you to have sexual experiences over the internet in the safety of your own home. While most of the models are female, there are some male models as well if that is your preference. Overall, there is a good selection and you should be able to find someone that suits your preferences. Not only are there different looks, ages, and races, but there are models that specialize in different kink activities and different subculture looks.

The website tends to be well populated with active performers at any period of time, so you have a good chance of finding someone you like right away. If you want to search for someone in particular, there is a good search feature. You can search by name if you have a model in mind, or you can search by characteristics. There are twelve basic categories to separate the models: Girls alone, girl/guy, girl/girl, threesomes, mature, transgender, interracial, fetish, voluptuous women, guy alone (straight or gay), and guy/guy.

You can also narrow down your selection by various criteria of appearance, age, favorite sexual position, and birth sign. There are also fetish subcategories, which contain everything you could think of within the typical BDSM fetish category.

You can view the videos in different size options. Small is just that, though medium is actually quite large and will nearly fit most screens. Full screen is not much different than medium, and even then the quality does not suffer much when the video frame is stretched. While many webcam sites have very poor quality, rises above that with exceptional video quality, even when pushing the size out to fit a large monitor. Audio quality varies a lot more and entirely depends on the microphones used.

If you want a more casual experience and do not want to frequent any of the top dating sites for casual encounters, can be a good alternative. The models are varied and frequently available, so you should have no problem getting started right away. The rates are generally around $4.99 per minute for a private chat. The models are generally very polite and strive to get return service. If you find some models that you resonate well with, you can join their fan club and stay connected with them. This gives a good sense of community to the site and lead to a good experience overall.