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Adult Friend Finder is geared toward those looking for an adult dating site that accommodates any sexual orientation or desire. People from all walks of life populate the site, many looking for traditional “hookups.”  However, there are plenty of users looking for longterm relationships and deeper sexual connections.

New members to Adult Friend Finder may be overwhelmed by the number of people e-mailing and contacting them, but this should be taken with a grain of salt. At times the site does not do a great job of  removing inactive or spam accounts. That does not mean there aren’t people on the site using it for its intended purpose, it just means you might have to look through a couple bogus profiles to find your match.

While the basic profile set-up is relatively simple, completing a detailed profile for Adult Friend Finder can be challenging as the list of sexual options you can select to be added to your profile is enormous and you can rank them according to desirability, importance, and experience.

What To Expect

One of the best features of Adult Friend Finder is the searching mechanism. You can search every combination imaginable for specific sexual matches. You can search location, orientation, sexual preferences, gender, and many more criteria to find the person or people perfect for your needs.  Also, forums and chat rooms are another place to go to find people looking to hook-up. They are usually full of people looking for adult encounters, and they rival the quality of any other top dating site.

Unfortunately, as with most dating sites, there is a gap between what you can do for free and what is available to paid members. While paid members have access to blogs, instant messaging, live cams, forums, and e-mail, trial users can only search for profiles on the site and participate in some chat rooms. Trial members cannot really contact other members or search for them effectively.

While free members get access to a basic profile and the chat rooms, you can also purchase silver memberships for $20 or gold memberships for $30 to get your profile to the top of search lists, added storage space, and keyword based searches for gold members. Sometimes if you are demographically favorable to Adult Friend Finder you may get a free membership, but this occurrence is becoming more and more rare.