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Defense of Dating Websites

Let’s face it, we live in a world where dating is no longer something you have to work hard to achieve. These dates we have dating websites that let us build up compatibility profiles and determine whether or not we think we’d mesh well with this person. Gone, are the days of having to meet someone in person and ask them, out of the clear blue, for their phone number at the end of which they may or may not give to you. And you know what? Good riddance.

Dating enthusiast might be upset at the death of traditional dating but times changes, ideas change; the dating website is the way of the future and people against the idea just need to see it from the other side. What others do with their lives is of no discipline to you, the debater. But if you want a debate, you can have one. But you need to see the points from the other side before you can say anything and honestly, you’ll want to hear this.


A study was conducted by Harris Interactive, a news site that stated about fourteen percent of newlywed couples, in America, met each other through an online dating service. Out of all those couples, forty four percent of them used eHarmoney as their dating service; about twenty five percent of those marriages were formed from any online dating website while the other figure remains unknown, all of this being said, fourteen percent equals out to forty two million Americans out of three hundred million.

In comparison to the total population that doesn’t sound like a lot but in this instance it is, and most of these marriages will be happy and prosperous because the online compatibility clauses guarantee relationships with people you are most in common with, and people with common grounds tend to get a long a lot better then those without.

A dating website, like, are the websites where people seeking a date are not just looking for a one night stand; these people are looking for long term relationships that will eventually calumniate into a marriage, they have just as much credibility as anyone who met someone in person the first time, only difference is the date is set up far in advance.

Don’t blame Online dating for Failure

There are people out there who tried a dating website and it ultimately failed them. They went quite a few times and decided, online dating doesn’t work, and, it’s true. Sometimes you meet people you didn’t expect them to be once you meet in person, but… the same can be said for someone who met a person at work. Don’t blame online dating in general for meeting scumbags or liars, there are people like that everywhere, they can just be hard to snuff out at times.

In essence, what’s trying to be said is: don’t give up all together just because you had a few failed dates. You never know, the next person could be the one. Perhaps all you need to do is tweak your profile a bit to get better suggestions, maybe you need to retry your online tests, whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter you can still find who you’re looking for online.

Take for example, a blind date, set up by one of your friends, you go out, meet the person, total mess. Was that an online date? No. Just because you utilized a service does not mean you go bad results because of that service. Are you going to stop being friends with the guy who set you up on that blind date? No you won’t. You’ll be ready and willing the next chance you get.

Online dating brings out a more natural feel

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it’s true. When you put together a date through an online source, it is a mutual agreement, you get to know each other through a chat room, you spend a number of hours a night in deep discussion on subjects that matter the most to you, finally you decide to exchange numbers and set up a date. You choose one of the best restaurants in town, when you meet, you feel like you already know each other, almost like you’ve known each other your whole lives; it may be a bit intimidating at first, but what isn’t?

Now, let’s try that same scenario again but with the guy you meet in the bar, it can be very difficult to walk up to that guy and strike any sort of conversation, especially one that equates to asking them out on a date. You need a very strong semblance of willpower to pull off something like that, but you see, with an online dating website you are both expecting to go out on a date with each other.

That guy you talked to in the bar, he had no idea were even considering asking him out on a date and odds are, he may reject you outright. Why continually be rejected by someone you know in town when you can at least get out to the restaurant by someone you met online? These are just some factors to consider.

It’s just a lot easier

That’s the basic word that sums it all up, it’s easier. There is no need to go through the hardships and the trials just to get that girl to agree to go out with you from third hour. With online dating websites you can almost guarantee you’ll get a date with someone who cares and respects you and it can be done almost at the snap of your fingers.

So, if you’re feeling alone and want some sort of companionship, why not give online dating websites a try? It wouldn’t hurt. You can’t knock something out until you at least try it, open minds have come a long way in the twenty first century.