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How to Use Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are all the rage when it comes down to connecting with singles online. It’s met a lot of backlash from certain people but it’s generally accepted as a legitimate way of finding that perfect match for you in an otherwise unorthodox setting.

There are just so many online dating sites to choose from but all of them are purely up to you to decide whether or not they’ll work in the scheme of things to come. Most require payment, some will be free, but whatever you decide will get what you need when you make the jump to a relationship lothario.

Find the right site

There are hundreds of thousands of sites to choose from and not all of them are going to be good, that’s a proven fact right off hand. Some of these sites will either be way too cluttered, full of not-so-great search features, a lack of good interface, and overall people that don’t even utilize what the site has to offer.

If you want good websites, go for the gold with places like eHarmoney,, OkCupid, PerfectMatch, and a slew of other big name online dating sites that will meet all your needs as a single looking for companionship in places otherwise not touched by the dating enthusiast.

Always ensure whether there is a payment required of each site, if there is and you don’t want to pay, you can go for a website like OkCupid. But if you’re all right with paying, eHarmony and will be where you should go.

Be Compatible

Always, always, always be sure that whatever website you sign up to, always be on the lookout for someone that meets your compatibility report. A lot of the online dating sites already named utilize compatibility profiles to give you what you need to find others in your area that meet all the specifications you created for yourself. Whether you took a quiz to determine this or did it all in an “About me” section of your online dating profile will decide your compatibility to others you meet all around your local area.

It can be scary at first, that’s an admitted fact of all who choose to sign up to sites like this and use their features. But once you get over the initial fear, the rest comes naturally, as if known the person for years, plus, it’s all about having fun, there’s no need to be Mr. or Mrs. Serious when you go out on a date with someone you just met through an online dating service, as long as your compatible your worries should lessen as the date goes on.

Chat Instantly

Before you even decide to go out with this person, it makes sense to get a grasp of who they are firstly by chatting with them in an instant messaging setting. You can share whatever ID you use, Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, E-mal, whatever floats your boat, or even a chat feature offered on the website itself. Don’t get into the most intimate of details when breaking out the conversation with your new friend, but at least get to know the person so you have a general understanding of who it is your talking to and to quell the fears you might have of meeting this person in a live setting.

You can take a step beyond by having web cam chats as that will also give you a nice boost of confidence before meeting that person for the first time on a date. You can either make this initial phase be short-term or you can just continually communicate this way until you both feel ready to take the next step and meet-up at a place where you date can come alive.

Keep up with the flow…

A lot of dates fail because well, sometimes people might not be as compatible as they thought they’d be, this gives a sense of awkwardness amongst both parties that makes the experience feel a little less then stellar. It’s always good to keep up in a conversation and to continually converse in an abundant fashion, do not let there be much dead space or the date will start to diminish drastically.

Also, you don’t want to talk about the food items on the menu as a way to kill dead space, always keep it on the subject of each others lives, you don’t necessarily need to tell your life stories but at least give each other a grasp of who the other person is. Remember, your date is doing the exact same thing you are doing so the odds are they’re just as nervous as you might be.

Bottom Line

Just be cautious, courteous, and overall, just have fun. That’s what it’s all about and that’s all anybody can really ask, don’t let pettiness consume you and always be on you’re ‘A’ game. Otherwise, take what you’ve learned and pass it on the next time you get a date through one of the many online dating sites.