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Knowing Someone New Through Astrology

If you’re using an online dating site or attempting a long distance relationship, then knowing about someone’s astrological sign can give you major insights into their personality type, and if those with their sign have the attributes you’re looking for in a relationship. While astrology isn’t a hard science, and there is some room for interpretation, many people who read astrological signs say that for the most part – they’re startlingly accurate.

Is your new flirtatious friend a Capricorn? Then you know that you have someone who is going to be serious and committed to having a long term relationship with you, but this doesn’t mean that it will work out if it’s long distance. When it comes to Capricorns that they don’t have much patience, and if they have a secure job, then don’t expect them to relocate for you anytime soon. You need to give them a definitive time line about relocation, if you’re planning on keeping a long distance relationship working with them. But remember, chances are it’s going to be you who is doing the relocating.

Talking with an Aquarius that you really would like to have a relationship with? Then you’re in luck! Those who have the Aquarius sign are especially into Internet dating and online dating sites and they love the thrill and the challenge of initiating and maintaining a relationship with someone who is at a distance. They’re actually widely known for their high level of patience and understanding and they’re not in a rush to make sudden decisions that aren’t through fully. An Aquarius is often willing to be the one who does the relocating, but this is really dependent on the living and job situation.

Are things heating up with a Pisces? A Pisces is a very romantic astrological sign, and this is sure to rub off on your partner too! If you’re someone who likes the idea of an open relationship, then dating a Pisces is for you, as they spend much of their time thinking about love and relationships, which means they’re willing to give the attention and care that you need on a day to day basis. One ultra-great thing about a Pisces, particularly if you have a fast paced and solid career, is that in most cases – they will be the ones to relocate for you! This is just one of the many reasons while dating a Pisces can be beneficial in the long term.

If you’re looking to date an Aries, then you need to make sure that you live close to them. Those with the Aries sign are frequently noted as having a severe lack of patience, and tend to be only interested in having up close and personal relationship, as it’s their nature. If you’re looking at the potential of having a long term relationship with an Aries then be prepared to relocate fast, as their not likely to relocate for you, and chances are that if you’re not up for relocating, then they will give up on you quickly. While there’s nothing wrong with this character trait, you do need to keep this in mind when encountering an Aries.

Do you have an eye on a Taurus? Then you should be fine with initially having an online or long distance relationship, as these personality types are okay with this arrangement initially, but don’t expect this to stay that way forever. A Taurus is someone who doesn’t particularly like long distance, but they are willing to deal with it for a period, if it means having a long and rewarding relationship with you. In the end, you’re going to be the one who is doing the relocating, as those with the Taurus sign are likely not going to be willing to move long distances for a relationship, so be prepared for this.

Interested in a certain Gemini? Then you’ve got a great candidate for a long distance relationship. These Gemini’s adapt to change well and are willing to be flexible. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that Gemini’s do have the capacity to get bored in these relationship arrangements, so your relationship will fade very quickly if you don’t add a little spice to it every now and again.

Thinking of striking up a relationship with a Cancer? You may need to rethink this unless you live in the same area! Cancers are very set in their ways, and often times they are strongly opposed to moving out of their comfort zone and their locality for a relationship. They have strong local and family ties to where they live, so while they’re open to a long distance relationship, but it’s not meant to be an indefinite arrangement.

If you fancy a Leo, then you’re a lucky person. Leo’s love the idea of love, and they think that Internet and long distance relationships can work. Leo’s are strong leaders, and they have many important goals they’d like to accomplish, so be 100% willing to commit for the long haul if you’re expecting a Leo to move and relocate for you.

Find a Virgo to be a fascinating dating prospect? Then you need to be prepared to scuffle a little when it comes to relocation. They’re not quick to do this, but they are the type who is willing to have a long distance relationship. Virgo’s are serious about finding the love of their life, and are willing to deal with a distance arrangement, if it means finding the right person for them.

Love a Libra in your life? Libra’s are a loving people, and they are willing to travel far and wide to find someone to love, even if it means moving across the country. But don’t think you can get them to move for a short fling! Libra’s are looking for commitment, so unless you’re committed to marrying them, then proceed with caution, as this is what they’re expecting in a relationship.

Scintillating conversations with a Scorpio in the works? A Scorpio is willing to go to the end extremes to find someone that will love them and treat them right. While they’re the kind to relocate for a long term relationship, in many cases they try to find love close to home. Don’t get to close with a Scorpio too quickly, as they get attached very quickly.

Putting the moves on a Sagittarius? A Sagittarius is someone who truly enjoys their freedom, and they are not opposed to the idea of long distance dating, but they’ll still have the impulse to date other people. Giving a Sagittarius both time and space, you can allow them to fall for you, but don’t expect them to pack up and move so easily. They’ll have no problem coming to visit you, but in terms of moving, this may take a while to actually happen.