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How to Always Make a Woman Feel Special

Do you want to have a long lasting and meaningful relationship with a wonderful and beautiful woman? Then you need to know how to treat a woman right – and no, this doesn’t mean using cheesy pick-up lines with no real emotion or meaning. No matter how many lines that you throw at her, or no matter how many hundreds of dollars you spend at overpriced restaurants, if it’s a quality woman, she’ll be able to see right through it. There are things that are special that you need to do in order to make your woman truly feel special, and this will make your relationship a long and happy one.

One major theme that you’ll find throughout is the importance of sacrificing to better your relationship. No, you don’t have to give up all your goals and dreams, but there are some small changes that you can make that will make a major impact. You need to be willing to compromise when it comes to your time and activities. If you show that you’re willing to work with her schedule and give her what she needs, even if you need to do a little time crunching – then you prove that you’re committed to the relationship, which will make her feel special.

You need to be willing to be somewhat vulnerable around her. While out in public, at work, or out with friends, you may project this image of masculinity and strength, but you need to be willing to set this aside and show your emotional presence when you spend time together. If you’re a big sweetheart, goofball, or the biggest nerd – show her that side too! Women actually like these honest character traits and find them endearing, so don’t feel the need to act all macho all the time. By showing her more of your private side, you’re showing her that she is special to you, and this is especially crucial in the fledgling beginning of a relationship.

When you and your girl are out on the town, in for the night, or simply just together – give her the attention she needs! No girl wants to feel ignored and unloved, and while she probably doesn’t want you to be overly clingy, doing small things and providing indicators to her that she has your attention makes a big difference. Many say to let her do all the talking, but you may be surprised to know that a lot of women do this because they don’t like an awkward silence that happens when a man provides no feedback! Thoughtfully listening to what she has to say, and continuing the dialogue with her will show that you pay attention to what she says.

Along with this attention to what she says and does, listen and absorb this information! By tuning into what she loves, hates and doesn’t care about, you can cater your activities, gifts and surprises to this. You’ll show that you’re not only thoughtful enough to do these surprises, but that you actually internalized what she said and implemented it to better the bonds of your relationship. Did she say that she always dreamed of going up in a hot air balloon, or sky-diving? If so, then surprise her with one of these activities that she’ll truly appreciate.

And while it’s important to do an occasional surprise, don’t feel like you need to empty your bank account to give her a surprise or gift that she loves. Is she a big fan of Hershey’s Kisses? Surprise her with a bag of them, or even go the extra step of hiding them around the house or arranging them in a neat design. Is she a patron of the arts? On the next date you get to plan, take her to a free art gallery with some cool exhibits. Remember, in the bigger picture of life and your relationship, she’s going to remember the feelings and emotions of the moment, more than the gift, so don’t feel compelled to buy her a car just because she says she likes Volkswagen. Overwhelming in some cases is worse than underwhelming.

If you really care about your woman’s emotional well-being, and her feelings, then refrain from talking about other women in her presence. Yes, you’re absolutely allowed to say that you had a meeting with the staff and your female boss, but don’t feel compelled to divulge that her button down shirt had a gap in it, and you could she her bra for the entire meeting. You want your girl to feel special, and how can you do that when you’re constantly reminding her of all the other women you interact with on a daily basis? Your time together is about you two, and that’s it, so don’t keep dragging other people, especially women, into it.

Depending on which stage of the relationship you’re in, you can be more honest about this, but it’s best not to mention other women in the beginning of a new relationship. If you’re in the first round of dates, or first month of dating – do not, let’s repeat, do not talk about your exes! This makes it very uncomfortable and vulnerable for her, and she may get an inferiority complex from the entire experience. You can be shooting yourself in the foot figuratively by doing this in the beginning stages of a relationship, so take this opportunity to throw your thoughts and feeling for your ex out the window now.

It’s really not super difficult to make a woman feel special when they’re with you, but it does take a little effort and thought. Women want to be reassured that they’re going to be handled well emotionally, and that their not in for heartbreak in the long run. If you’re not willing or able to do any of these things to show a girl that you care, then you need to seriously consider why you’re even in a relationship to begin with. Why waste time in a relationship that you’re causing to fail? Make an effort now, and save yourself from being lonely later.