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5 Tips How to Develop Your Online Communication Skills with a Foreign Bride

Developing your social and communication skills with a potential foreign bride may seem difficult, but these tips will help you learn the ropes of an Internet courtship with a woman foreign to your country.

Tip #1: accept her communication with other men
Many Western men are eager to seek a relationship with that special international lady, but taking your relationship to the next level may seem difficult. During the courtship phase, it is normal for a potential bride to talk to other men before making any commitment. That is what dating is all about.

Tip #2: go to the next level of online communication
During the dating phase, if you’ve had 5 or more successful messages with your potential bride to be, asking for their ICQ or Skype information is perfectly acceptable. If a lady
is truly interested, she will be more than willing to continue communication outside of the online dating website.

This small step can help move your relationship further, but you should never ask a lady for her personal address or pursue information regarding her sexual past. Although it is outside the dating site, Skype and ICQ are just another small step towards a committed relationship with a foreign bride.

Tip #3: be patient
Take time to get to know the lady on a personal level. Discussing her personal interests, moral beliefs and other personal topics can help develop a more meaningful relationship and possibly to commitment.

Note: If you both decide to take your relationship to the final stage and you see that she is still talking to other men on the International online dating site; your relationship may not be working out.

Your best course of action to build a long lasting and meaningful relationship with a foreign lady is to take things slow and get to know your prospective special someone on a deep and personal level.

Tip #4: be sure before you make an obligation
One of the best advantages of seeking an online bride, is you don’t have to make a commitment until you are entirely sure and the same goes for your potential bride. If you’re interested in a foreign bride that does not return that interest, then it may be best to move on. Don’t be too pushy!

If you find yourself in a serious relationship or on the verge of one, then it may be acceptable to discuss religion, children and other deeply personal topics. Just like dating in person, Internet dating should be handled maturely and considerately.

Tip #5: learn the language of your foreign bride and her culture
Although it isn’t required, learning some of the online bride’s native language may be a great way to further your communication and show her how interested you really are. Don’t be afraid to show your interest in positive ways. Being rude, obscene or ill tempered with foreign brides is not a good way to further a relationship with them.

Typically, you should approach an online foreign bride with the same manners that you would a lady in person. Take things slow, get to know each other very well and behave maturely. If you practice these simple tips you will likely be well on your way to a long lasting relationship with that one special bride that’s just for you.

Krystyna Trushyna

Guest post by Krystyna Trushyna
About the author:
Krystyna Trushyna is a Ukrainian intellectual with a deep interest in matters of the heart. In her regularly updated blog posts on, Krystyna has shown a keen eye for intercultural relationships.

Having a wide range of interests including Sociolinguistics, Gender Studies, intercultural relationships and online dating makes Krystyna the very best personal Ukrainian dating coach on the Internet.